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Pune the city famously known as The Cultural capital of Maharashtra is a serene city situated on banks of the rivers Mula and Mutha. In Maharashtra, Pune city holds rich culture and legendary past. It is a popular tourist place in Maharashtra. Holding glimpse of past, Pune is growing rapidly. It has become a cosmopolitan city and considered as one of the biggest IT hub of India. These new horizons of city have changed the look and feel of the life in last few years. Have you dibs on this beauty with our exclusive design.



Finished with velvetized marble feel, the polycarbonate hard case from Thought Box assure durability and premium finish with 'Engraved' design etched on it through resolute machinery and craftsmanship. These cases are designed considering all aspects for a ideal phone wearable. Certified by Thought Box, this case is definitely an eye turner.